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Wide Horizons

 طبيعة الوظيفة PHP & Action Script developer
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 PHP (is a must) Action Script (is a must)

للتواصل يرجى إرسال السيرة الذاتية على البريد الإلكتروني
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 29 شارع فوزي معاذ، برج صفوة رجال
الأعمال 2، سموحة – الإسكندرية

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شركة ايفي للمنسوجات تطلب -
-منهدسين نسيج بكالوريوس هندسه عزل ونسيج(حديث التخرج)
-فنيين وعمال خبره وبدون للعمل بالاقسام المختلفة
-ساءق سيارة ملاكى (يشترط من قاطنى برج العرب او العجمى 21)
جميع الوظائف ذكور فقط
(وسائل مواصلات- وجبات غذائيه-تامينات اجتمعايه- تامين صحى خاص واحكومى -حوافز مجزيه) تقدم الطلبات باليد فى العنوان التالى
برج العرب الجديده امتداد المنطقة الصناعيه الرابعه - بلوك 4 قطعة 10
او ترسل الطلبات على البريد الالكترونى
A production and exporting expanding company in the field of FMCG is going to operate in new cities in Egypt, for our ambitious growth plans we require the following qualified and experienced/fresh graduate professionals:
1-Agriculture expert
Job description:
• create a monthly schedule for irrigation and fertilization of crops and be committed to it to achieve the company plan on time
• supervise agriculture specialist, irrigation specialist and fertilization specialist
• provide monthly assessment of all employees under their supervision
• create a weekly report that includes plant progress and a general farm assessment that includes information and current condition for all crops
• provide a list of all equipment needed for the crops on a monthly basis
• follow climate conditions and provide a monthly report and be able to suggest various crops for different seasons
• ability to create a fertilization and irrigation schedules that will suit the crops and planting conditions
• ability to provide estimates for yields, cost, and requirements for specific crops
• ability to solve faced problems with creative way of thinking

Job requirements:
• Doctorate in agriculture.
• Minimum 10 years experience
• Specialized in fruits and vegetables
• Expert knowledge in irrigation and fertilization methods
• Expert knowledge of plant diseases and prevention methods
• Intensive background in planting desert areas
• Excellent Communication skills

Special condition:
Employee will have to visit the site at least once a week
2-Agriculture specialist
Job description:
• create a monthly schedule which entails all farm work
• supervise farm workers in order to ensure that the work is being fulfilled at maximum efficiency
• create a weekly report that includes plant progress, schedule changes and a general farm assessment
• Ensure that equipments are available and functional for farming jobs
• ability to follow the fertilizing and irrigating schedule provided by management
• ability to organize schedules
• ability to execute the schedule without deviation
• ability to spot plant diseases, weeds and other aspects that may influence the plant
Job requirements:
• Degree in agriculture.
• Minimum 3 years experience

Please send your C.V to: hr@borgalarab.com
3-مهندس زراعي
4-مهندس زراعي /قمح
5-دبلوم زراعة
6-سائق جرار
7-فني صيانه ميكانيكيه
برجاء إرسال السيره الذاتيه علي:
a multinational Real estate company needed Sales representative must have at least one year experience in the same field ,Good command of English and Computer skills , Self-motivated, reliable, honest and hard worker, Graduate with a bachelor degree.
We offered fixed salary + commission
If you are interested to apply for this vacancy Kindly send your CV on Sherihan.saied@aqarat4u.com
ALEXANDRIA ONLY: UGO Guide is looking to fill the following vacancy

Distribution Officer
Job Description: We're looking for a motivated individual to handle our guide distribution weekly, the job is about delivering our guides to usual destinations around the city and coordinating logistics of the process. This job suits best anyone who's dedicated with lots of free time.
- Owns a car
- Hardworker
- Presentable
- No experience required
- Available 3 days a week
-Alexandria Inhabitant
Please send over your CV to info@clubugo.com "Dist" , any email without relevant title would be ignored.
مطلوب فنيين ميكانيكا وكهرباء للعمل بمصنع بمنطقة مرغم بالأسكندرية
للمزيد :
مهندس/ عصام 01221134243 - 01223992906
مطلوب محاضرين اتوكاد ( revet) للاكادميه البريطانيه الدوليه
للاستعلام :01226262919
Corporate Service Manager vacancy at the British Consulate-General, Alexandria


The British Consulate-General in Alexandria is seeking an innovative and ambitious Corporate Service Manager. The main purpose of the job is to manage all post’s Estate and management work including; budget, personnel, transport, garden, office, Residence and Procurement.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
• Managing the Local Budget and accounts.
• Human Resource manager with responsibility for training.
• Procurement Officer.
• IT Technical Officer.
• Responsible for all works related to CG garden.
• Responsible for all procedures related to arrival and departure of UK based staff in liaison with Embassy’s Management Section in Cairo.
• Estate Manager for CG offices and Residence.
• Deputy Security Officer.
• Responsible for all Management returns required by FCO.
• Responsible for Health and Safety procedures at post.
• Responsible for updating all related Management Lists.
• Liaison between Post and Local Government Authorities.
• Responsible for all post’s projects in liaison with Embassy’s Technical Works Officer.
• Monitoring official vehicle’s fuel, mileage, repairs and maintenance to ensure the vehicle is safe and cost effective.

• A University degree
• Minimum 3 years of experience of working in a related field
• Excellent written English and verbal communications skills
• Organisational skills and effective self management
• Ability to be a team player

The post is a Band C position and the monthly gross salary is LE10,000 subject to tax as per the usual regulations. We offer a competitive package including medical benefits, performance related bonus, recreational facilities, opportunities for job related training & development, etc.
The successful candidate will be expected to start as soon as possible thereafter, subject to obtaining the appropriate security clearance.

To Apply
Applications for this vacancy should be sent to the Attention of the Corporate Service Manager at the British Consulate General; 3 Mina Street, Kafr Abdou, Roushdy, Alexandria no later than Thursday 29th November 2012.
Interested applicants must send an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter explaining why you think you are perfect for this job.

IT solutions Company requires: Oracle Developer
University degree (computer science)
Location: Alexandria
Experience: 0-3
If you are interested or know anyone matches these criteria please Send your CV at (nohaali2233careersegypt@gmail.com) and write in the subject the job tittle”
مطلوب سكرتيرة خريجة جامعية تخصص لغة إنجليزي وتجيد إستخدام برامج المايكروسوفت
لمكتب بالعصافرة بحري المقابلة من الساعة 10.30 الى 12.30 ظهرا تليفون 5573339
مطلوب لشركةايجل للتسويق والتوزيع مناديب مبيعات ومحاسبين يفضل الخبرة وحسن المظهر وحسن التعامل مع العملاء .
السن لايزيد عن 28 سنة.
يفضل مؤهل متوسط او فوق المتوسط
انهاء الخدمة العسكرية
الاتصال حتى الساعة 7 مساء
مطلوب شخص مسوق لبرامج حديثه والتعامل سيتم بالعموله علي القطعة المباعه لا اريد شخص متفرغ ولكن يسعدني علي التسويق فقط وبالعمولهاو النسبة برجاء الاتصال علي 01003760052 او علي الايميل hassansalih1@hotmail.com

 مطلوب لشركه hosting provider كبرى بالاسكندريه
1- Graphic design خبرة فى التعامل مع برنامج Photoshop
2- سكرتيرة تجيد اعمال السكرتاريه و التعامل مع العملاء
برجاء ارسال الCV على : itplus@hotmail.com
Alexandria: Sales Staff

Posted: 26 Nov 2012 03:29 AM PST

Sales Staff Required for furniture showroom in Loran, previous experience essential. Applicants should send CV & photo to: -

حضانه كبرى بالعجمى الهانوفيل تطلب مدرسات لاطفال ويفضل من قاطنى العجمى الهانوفيل ت:01005020045/4380199

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