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Volunteer Fashion Models required for a marketing campaign for a styling company in both Cairo & Alex...if you are from Alexandria or Cairo, please send us a close-up photo of you, preferably with no make up, a full body photo and your name, age and education at monalizamwahba@gmail.com..Also, please attach ur C.V and/or portfolio if you have any experience in modeling.

This is unpaid and only for one week (From the 22nd till the 30th this month)
Fifth Dimension-5d is announcing the opening of immediate hiring for “AR & Gaming Developers”
-Experience: at least 1-2 years & above in Augmented Reality & Game Development.
-Technologies: Preferably Unity3D
-Education: Computer Science is Preferable.
-Location: Maadi – Cairo – Egypt.
-Language skills: Good command of English (Written + Reading)
-Personal skills: Excellent communication, interpersonal, able to work under stress and team working.
If you are willing to join our team, please send your CV to jobs@5d-agency.com and mention the title “AR & Gaming Developer” in the subject field
IT Company is hiring: 

1- Web Designer: 

Mapping or outlining a website's structural content.
Creating or editing images and graphics for website use.
Having excellent knowledge of Photoshop.
Creating website using HTML and CSS. 
Coordinating with programmers for specialized scripts.
Very good experience with CSS concepts and techniques (like: twitter bootstrap)

Qualifications :
Experience :1-2 years in the same field 
Faculty : applied arts or fine arts 
Age not above 25 
Good command of English 
Being able to work to strict deadlines.
Proactive and flexible.
Having multitasking skills.
Able to work alone or with a team

2- Web Developer: 

prefer having experience with PHP (Should be able to code by hand), HTML, MySQL.
CSS, Javascript, AJAX. And Jquery

BSc. In Computer Science or Related Degree.
Good command of English language 
Being able to work to strict deadlines.
Proactive and flexible.
Having multitasking skills.
Able to work alone or with a team 
excellent internet and computer skills

* Preferred Nasr city or Heliopolis residents 

Kindly send your resume on: hr@sts-eg.net, mentioning the job title in subject mail
تعلن شركة مقاولات كبرى عن فتح باب التعيين لمديرين مشتريات خبرة 5 سنوات

تعلن شركة مقاولات كبرى عن فتح باب التعيين لمهندسين تنفيذ كهرباء باور

مطولب فنيين كهرباء ومساعدين للعمل في مجال التركيبات الكهربائية ويشترط الخبرة بأعمال تركيبات المخارج للإنارة والقوى والتيار الخفيف وتركيب الكابل تراي وتبوير اللوحات وتركيب الكشافات بجميع أنواعها.

شركه كمبيوتر ولابتوب تطلب لفروعها بالقاهره والاسكندريه والاقصر 
بائعيين بالفروع
فنيين هاردوير

مطلوب افراد امن بمؤهل لايقل عن المتوسط ويتراوح سنة من 20-40 ولا يشترط الخبرة

Fast growing medical company in Egyptian market, we are looking for
Highly qualified Self-motivated, team work member, ambitious, dynamic, and career-oriented
Medical Reps. for Heliopolis – Nasr city – Alzytoon
1) Full time – Code (FMR)
2) Part time – Code (PMR)
We offer a NEW excellent package and competitive incentive scheme
Bachelor Degree Fresh graduates 
Kindly Requested to Send Your C.V with a Recent Photo WITHIN 7 DAYS to

مطلوب مدير فرع بمؤهل عالى ويتراوح سنة من 30-40 و الخبرة لاتقل عن 3 سنوات

مصانع 6 اكتوبر للادوات المنزلية

مطلوب امين مخزن بمؤهل لايقل عن المتوسط ويتراوح سنة من 30-50 و الخبرة لاتقل عن 3 سنوات

مطلوب بائع حسن المظهر بمؤهل لايقل عن المتوسط ويتراوح سنة من 20-30 ولا يشترط الخبرة

AG Chem: AGChem is an industrial company specialized in chemicals ‎manufacturing, Has over than 50 of highly qualified creative ‎staff in all departments, “Management - Sales - Finance - ‎Marketing - Research and Coordination - Purchasing - ‎Production - Quality Control – and Logistics”.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist in designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods.
2. Diagnosing breakdown problems.
3. Controlling maintenance tools, stores and equipment.
4. Dealing with emergency and unplanned problems and repairs.
5. Writing maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning guidelines.
6. Train employees on handling machines.
Job Requirements:
• Not less than 3 years of experience at the same field.
• Hard Worker, ambitious, committed and Results oriented.
• Ability to work at Badr City.
Employee has to pass 2 exams: 
1- English Exam
2- IQ Exam

مطلوب مصمم ومكود للعمل بالقطعه من مقر الشركة فى التجمع الخامس
يكون محترف فى التصميم والتكويد
يتعامل مع Css , Photoshop , Jquery
لديه سابقة مشاريع
يكون قريب من التجمع الخامس

فرصة عمل فى سلسلة مطاعم عالمية بمرتب يبدا من 1000جنية ومزايا اخرى 
1 – تدريب على يد امهر المدربين +اجازة اسبوعية وسنوية
2- تامين صحى حكومى + تامين صحى خاص + تامين على الحياة
3- فرصة ترقية+ يوجد حافز كل شهر75+ حافز كل 6 شهور
4- يوجد وجبة خلال اليوم + رحلة خاصة للعاملين فى الصيف
5- يوجد اقامة للمغتربين 
** ملحوظة // السن لا يزيد عن 25 سنة ولا يقل عن 18 سنة
مؤهل متوسط و موقف من التجنيد 

مهندس كهرباء
يجيد تصميم لوحات الكنترول
Plc programing
Touch screen
ا/محمد إبراهيم

About & Out representative will focus on developing a nominated list of emerging target accounts and prospects based on a vertical market territory. 

He/she will have the primary responsibility for driving the execution of sales engagements within the online marketing industry.

About & Out representative will be accountable for continuous account planning that drives short-term and long-term growth, new customer footprints/applications, build relationships with Partners to expand coverage within the territory and for working with professional services to build a sustainable consulting stream. This is a quota carrying position. 

Company Information: 
MRCO-Egypt Co., Ltd.
Job Number of Vacancies: 
Applying Email: 

Excellent English spoken and written is a must

At least 2 years of experience in the same field

Preferred to be living nearby Heliopolis

Required Experience:

- HTML, PHP background (others programming skills are a plus)
- Solid design skills.
- In-depth level of knowledge in digital marketing with previous experience in one or more of the following:
o Social Media Marketing (SMM).
o Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
o Online Advertising / PPC campaigns.

Key Responsibilities:
o Assisting in planning for online marketing campaigns.
o Preparing and launching the campaigns with following up.

o Managing the social media for our clients.

o Managing our website and portal.

Company Information: 
Advanced Services Networks
Job Number of Vacancies: 
Applying Email: 
Job Gender: 
Years of experience: 
1 - 2 years

Job Required IT skills: 
MS Office (in general)
Job Number of Vacancies: 
Job Specification Text: 
1. A minimum of a BS; a CPA , CMA and MBA 2. At least five years experience as CFO or equivalent, preferably in organization 3. Deep knowledge and understanding of the Office of Management and Budget Circular A133 audit. 4. Experience working with information technology staff to manage finance and accounting software packages. 5. Excellent written and oral communication skills. 6. Demonstrated leadership ability, team management, and interpersonal skills. 7. Excellent analytically and abstract reasoning skills, plus excellent organization skills. 8. Experience in a senior financial-management role, partnering with executive staff, resulting in the development and implementation of creative financial management strategies. 9. Significant experience in or knowledge of nonprofit accounting, including sophisticated fund and grant accounting, compliance, and reporting.
Applying Email: 
Job Required languages: 
Arabic, English
Job Gender: 
Job Required general skills: 
technical knowledge
Years of experience: 
more than 10 years

Salary depends on experience.
      · #1 - MUST read, write and speak good ENGLISH (all work is for English-speaking clients)
      · PHP (Should be able to code by hand) 
      · MySQL
      · Frameworks welcome 
      · HTML & Javascript, JQuery & AJAX
      · APIs and SDKs (commercial and social)
      · QA Testing 
      · Should be fast and accurate!

Job Duties:
      · Open Source CMS systems (including installation, customization, bug testing and trouble shooting) 
      · Plugins & Module programming, creating modules and plugins, plugin integrations with front-end
          · Hosting server administration (including backups, restorations)
          · Third party services management (i.e. Google Analytics, etc.)
          · Recommending solutions to meet client needs, even if those solutions are pre-existing plugins
       In addition, we need someone who can start immediately, and work full-time in our office.  You should live in Alexandria, or have a residence in Alexandria.
What we expect:
1. Hard working
2. Commitment and attendance at work 
3. Gender: Male or Female
4. Ready to work as part of a team
5. Flexibility about tasks
6. Stable person with long term career goals with one company

Company Information: 
i2i Vison Designs
Job Number of Vacancies: 
Applying Email: 

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